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Get VoiceYou and get started!
- now available for iphone

  • Private
  • Business
  • Security
  • Events & Sports
  • Promotional
  • Crisis Management

Whether it’s private or business – the possibilities are endless!

Simple. Fast. Personal. In real time.

One Call – Reach All.

VoiceYou is the first and only voice based communication technology that allows a single caller to instantly and simultaneously reach from one up to an unlimited number of people, directly from the phone.

VoiceYou is the perfect tool to reach out to who is important to you such as clients, customers, team members, sports teams, business partners etc., on any phone at any time and without the recipients need to have an app or account.

VoiceYou can be used worldwide without the need for any internet connection because VoiceYou is using the biggest social network in existence – telecommunication.

The perfect tool to deliver time critical information.

Call the people you care about.

VoiceYou is one of the most fastest and safest tools to provide time critical information.
Get the message out to all your customers, employees, the public and all other people you care about with just one call.

  • Very time and cost efficient
  • A call from a person you know and trust is the most reliable way to receive important information
  • Every VoiceYou call is 100% measurable

The App is now available.

VoiceYou AppVoiceYou app on your iPhone or Android device will give you access to numerous great features.

Such as creating your own groups, make calls to your groups and track the status of your calls.
Even offline the VoiceYou app still offers all features to make calls!

  • create and edit groups (image, name and receivers)
  • place calls to groups or single persons, re-play or re-dial calls before you send them
  • find all incoming and outgoing calls in history
  • find the status of your calls
  • send your calls again to the same group or mute members
  • use all app functions in offline-mode!


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